With Thanks

With Thanks

Greetings and welcome to this week's edition of Compliance Chat...the final edition of Compliance Chat. It is with this in mind I write this Chat to say thank you.

 As we approach Thanksgiving, as usual my thoughts turn to giving thanks. I've been blessed beyond measure. I have had a wonderful career. A career that has suited my personality perfectly. I like variety and flexibility when it comes to work. I get bored with doing the same thing over and over. Being a Physical Therapist has allowed me to shift to different settings when I've felt a need for change. Over the course of my career I've worked in hospital settings including a CAH (Critical Access Hospital) where I learned about "swing beds". Who knew? I initially thought swing beds were hammocks. I've worked in home health and long-term care and I've worked in private practice. I will say while the settings are different the purpose of the work was always the same...to help people. I'm a thinker and I tried to determine the optimum way to provide a treatment to get the best effect based on what I was trying to accomplish. I loved the challenge of writing a better note, sick I know.

When I worked in private practice, I was blessed to have a practice owner who understood my desire to practice compliantly, write good notes, and he recognized the need to integrate compliance in a growing practice. It was out of this environment that PT Compliance Group grew. The beauty of PTCG was it allowed me to do something new and also fed into my CPD - Compliant Personality Disorder. PTCG also allowed me to continue to try to help people only now it was my fellow therapists. It was a wonderful opportunity and one for which I am very grateful and thankful.

Now you may have noticed that I am speaking in the past tense when it comes to my career and that is because I have retired. WHAT?! But Tom, you don't look old enough to retire. Well, I am. My last day of full time work was on 7/7/17 and I agreed to help out on a as needed basis to ease the transition to the Post-Tom era. That is now essentially done so I can go off happily with another new exciting opportunity - retirement. To be honest, I'm ready. This work stuff is getting pretty inconvenient.

It is with this in mind that I would like to thank those who have followed me and read the Chat since the beginning. The goal of the Chat was to give readers free useful compliance information. Thank you for your loyalty, thank you for your friendship, thank you for your support.

Finally, I would like to thank the brain trust that is PTCG to whom I am grateful for their trust, faith, and friendship. Without these people there would have been no PTCG. First would be the two original owners. Without them there would have been no PTCG. They have a true entrepreneurial spirit and I know they would not be happy if they weren't going 100 MPH with their hair on fire. Their mantra when I first met them was "Ready, Shoot, Aim". They have no fear of failure. They are very smart business people and are responsible for the early success of PTCG.

The next person is Ashley Popovich. Ashley is Deb's and my executive assistant. My secret nickname for her is "Sure, no problem!" I call her that because that is her response to any request I make of her. Ashley is most likely the person you speak with when you call PTCG and you probably have had the same response from her. Ashley is like the glue that holds us together and keeps us on track. I wish you could all have an Ashley in your lives😊. She just makes us better. She's our secret weapon.

Deb Alexander is my "Soul Sister of Compliance". My "soul sister" understands me, we think similarly about compliance, and we work and communicate well with each other. She too has a compliant personality. If you weren't aware, Deb is brilliant, compassionate and kind-hearted. I have met some smart people in my life, but Deb is not only brilliant, but also the total package as a leader. Great creative mind with lots of innovative ideas. She has assumed the role of my editor for the Chat which I sincerely appreciate and need, and she helped me crystalize my thoughts because, let's face it, I could be one continuous run-on sentence if I'm not careful, like now. Deb, through her leadership, has been responsible for the continued growth and success of PTCG.

But most of all, they are nice people, compassionate people who were fun to be around and to work with every day. Going to work was fun! They have good hearts who care about their fellow human beings. Most importantly, we've become friends. We were here to do good by helping PTs, OTs, and SLPs try to understand the compliance world of their chosen profession. It has been a privilege for me to come to know, love, and respect this group of people.

So, my role here is done. Again, a sincere thank you for your readership and support of what we have done over the past few years. With this I bid an ado to the PTCG Weekly Compliance Chat.

Tom Ambury